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Literacy Referral Service

The Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition (OKCMLC) provides two referral phone lines and a web site information service. Our objective is to facilitate pathways for all learners to find the facility or program that best serves learner needs. Helping learners find the most appropriate program goes a long way to insure learner success. We work closely with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library to distribute coalition service brochures to the public.


Referral services are also of value to our literacy provider partners and members allowing their staff to engage in more direct teaching time. This service can provide help to the following:


  • Teachers helping students
  • Teachers helping parents of students
  • Multiple school districts seeking guidance for families
  • Adults looking to improve literacy skills for the job market
  • English Language Learners needing help with English skills
  • Parents looking to find tutors for children in both public and private schools


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