The Voice of Literacy in Central Oklahoma

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How You Can Help

Your support will help someone step out of the shadows of illiteracy. When considering support OKCMLC consider this:

  • Increased literacy skills generate higher wages and therefore more taxes are paid into the community.
  • 35% of Oklahoma’s Children live with parents who do not have fulltime employment.
  • 4th grade reading scores at proficient and advanced levels range from 5% to 90%
  • In Oklahoma County, 1rst to 3rd grade students in reading remediation range from 14% to 63%.
  • Nearly 37%of high school drop outs live in poor families
  • High School Drop-Out rates range from 1% to 40%
  • 20% of young adults lack their high school diploma in Oklahoma County
  • Oklahoma continues to be ranked as the state with the HIGHEST female incarceration rates in the U.S.
  • Oklahoma is the eighth highest state in the nation when comes to teen pregnancy.
  • If there is a beginning to an end of poverty, literacy is it.



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