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Dear Friends of Literacy,

As we end this first quarter of 2012, we thank our 2011-12 donors and new members. Your donations and membership fees contributed to the following efforts:

  1. 23 GED exam fee scholarships  as of February 29, 2012
  2. Sponsorship of the Rainbow Fleet  “Jim Weiss Storytelling” event for childcare providers and parents
  3. Participation in the All American City Grade Level Reading Initiative and Application
  4. Books for Children and Teachers participating in our  Drop Everything and Read -DEAR  Day at the State Capitol
  5. REAL Service –Coordination of our referral lines for literacy needs at the Village Library
  6. Community Literacy Awareness Program  that included the following presentations:
  •    Health Literacy Summit collaboration – the first in Oklahoma
  •   Payne Education Center  development of  a Tutoring Tool Kit for volunteers
  •   Friends of 10th St. Collaborative development of two elementary school based adult education programs
  •   All- America City Grade Level Reading Initiative Collaboration

That is just our first quarter!  Your generosity  and support is truly appreciated. Please watch for coming events and meetings and join us. We would also appreciate any comments or thoughts you may have about literacy in our community. Please note that questions can be submitted through our e-mail address –  or our phone number – 405-830-2790.

Our community has literacy needs and problems, but the work being done in collaborative efforts is impressive and must continue! Every capable reader contributes to the economic development of our city.  Our mission is to lead in the support of the literacy work of those organizations serving you, your children and grandchildren.


What your donation can do:
  • $50 pays for an adult learner’s GED exam
  • $100 pays for five tutor handbooks
  • $ 200 provides for resources for quarterly service providers meeting
What your membership supports:
  1. Referrals of learners to Services
  2. Tutor Recruitment & Training
  3. Materials for Tutors
  4. Advocacy for Literacy Providers
  5. Literacy Forums for Professionals
  6. Public Literacy Forums
  7. Directory of Online Literacy Providers
  8. Increase & Enhance Communication among Service Providers
  9. Continue to Bring Awareness of the Issue of Literacy to the Community
  10. Provide the most update information regarding literacy

OKCMLC is a nonprofit 501 c 3. All donations are tax deductible.


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