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Are you looking to give back to your community?

Are you concerned about the thousands of individuals who live in poverty? If
there is a way out of poverty, literacy is the path. Tutors are needed!!
Watch our video (click on photo, and then click again for video) and then call us.

Video: Be a Hero: Teach Someone to Read


We can help you find the situation that works best for you or contact the following organizations who use tutors and will be training soon after the holidays.

Community Literacy Center
Laura Taylor

Literacy Link in Midwest City
John Amicon

Opportunities Industrialization Center
Blair Lanning

Project Read
Mary Young

We are receiving many calls from parents who are desperately looking for help for their children and they cannot afford expensive tutors. If this is your interest, we recommend Payne Education Center’s Volunteer Tutor Training. Contact Dr. Carrie Brown at Payne Education Center.



We need tutors for children and adults who need help to improve their reading.

 If you are thinking about making a real difference in this community, this is

where you are needed.  Please call 405 830-2790 to talk about this valuable





Why Tutor?  When giving becomes receiving

teach someone the skills to love reading as much as you do * improve the economy by increasing the skill levels * help mothers and fathers read to their young children  * provide the opportunity to read the Bible * assist someone with that job promotion * you’ve often thought about teaching another to read and now you’re ready * you want to do something with your time and teaching another to read sounds right for you.


When giving becomes receiving

Teaching another to read provides the student with the ultimate gift – the power of understanding the written word.  It is difficult for those who do read to understand that kind of power.  But when you sit side by side , the joy is shared and unilateral, like a growing snowball.  Letters become syllables that become words; sentences become paragraphs that become stories.  Each step is a part of a journey.  Giving someone that power, that piece of themselves that was previously buried and awaiting discovery, is every bit as priceless for the tutor as it is for the student.

One of the greatest pioneers of literacy, Frank Laubach, once stated, “The greatest thrill I have ever had is to see the joy in a person’s face when he first learns to read.  I would rather see that than eat.”

What does a tutor do?
  • Meets one on one with learner once or twice a week * helps student to determine their goals * uses lesson plans * encourages learner to persevere
FAQ’s about tutoring
  • How do I know what to do?
  • How often do I meet with student?
  • What resources do I use?
  • How on earth do I teach another to read?
  • What goals do I set for my student?
  • Do I develop a lesson plan?  How?
The answer to all of these questions is Training

Literacy organizations across the metro OKC area conduct tutor training sessions at various times throughout the year.  We post all training sessions that organizations make us aware of.


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