1. Why Do I Need This Medicine?

Your doctor should tell you what this medicine does for you and how soon so you don’t waste money on medicine that is not working.

2.  Is there a lower cost drug?

A generic (not a brand name) can save you up to 70%.

3.  Is there an over-the-counter choice?

You don’t need a prescription for many medicines.

4.  Do you have free samples?

Drug makers often leave samples for doctors.

5.  Do you have a discount card for the drug?

Some drug makers give doctors cards to help with the cost of the drug.

6.  Is it OK to cut the pill or take it every other day to save money?

Never do this without asking your doctor.

7.  Can you make the prescription for 14 days?

Ask for a 14-day supply to start so you can see if it helps before you spend a lot more money.

8.  Can you help me find programs that will help with the cost of this medicine?

There are programs – drug manufacturers, government, and nonprofits that may help you with the cost.