Our world’s geo-political situation has changed dramatically since the last century, and U.S. Intelligence carries out its responsibilities with difficulties never before encountered.  As well-informed Americans, understanding how the U.S. Intelligence Community does its work and how it deals with the challenges it faces is critical
to our making sense of the world around us.

Meredith Williams Woodruff, a Stillwater native, served in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations, living and working for more than 25 years in Central
Eurasia, the Near East, Africa, and Europe.  She retired from the CIA in 2006 as its most senior female officer in operations.  Join us for this rare opportunity.



The MISSION of OLLI @ OSU is to provide continuing education for seniors through classes, travel, class-related experiences and social activities that contribute to seniors overall quality of life through enriching experiences.

The VISION of OLLI is that seniors in Oklahoma will gain expanded knowledge and experiences through classes and travel and will develop enriching relationships.

These are great classes for both learners and those interested in helping or volunteering. The only requirement for membership is that you are an adult with an interest in continuing educational experiences and will support the program through participation and payment of a  membership fee.