The greatest thrill I have ever had is to see the joy in a person’s face when he first learns to read. I would rather see that than eat.”— Frank Laubach, Literacy Pioneer

Are you looking to give back to your community? Are you concerned about the thousands of individuals who live in poverty? If there is a way out of poverty, literacy provides the path. Tutors are needed to help children and adults improve their reading and language skills.

Call the Referral Service at (405) 830-2790 or send us a message and we will connect you with an organization in need of volunteer tutors.

Tutor training opportunities are available!

Are you asking yourself these questions: How do I know what to do? How often do I meet with the student? What resources do I use? How on earth do I teach another to read? What goals do I set for my student? Do I develop a lesson plan? How?

Tutor training provides the answers to all of these questions. Several literacy organizations in metro OKC conduct tutor training sessions throughout the year. Please check Upcoming Events periodically to find tutor training events near you. The Coalition provides scholarships for tutor training and toolkits provided by the Payne Education Center.