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I am tired of not being able to read. I am scared to death making this call, but I am excited about the opportunity.”— Jackie

The Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition provides a referral phone line and website information service. Our objective is to assist learners who are looking for a program that serves their specific needs. Helping learners find the most appropriate program goes a long way to insure learner success.

I know I need help, too, so that I can be of more help to my children.”— Referral Line Caller

The Literacy Referral Service provides help to the following:

  • Adults looking to improve literacy skills for the job market
  • Individuals pursuing a General Education Diploma (GED)
  • English language learners needing help with English skills
  • School districts seeking guidance for families
  • Parents looking to find tutors for children in both public and private schools
  • Volunteers looking for tutoring opportunities and organizations to serve
  • Organizations looking for volunteers
  • Teachers seeking resources for students and parents of students
  • Social services organizations seeking resources for clients


Chantel is celebrating passing the GED! At 19, Chantel has taken steps to learn and grow in order to move into the adult world of self-sufficiency. Your assistance made this step possible for Chantel. The GED exam is taken on a computer. The cost for that exam in total is about $150.00, and Chantel did not have the money. Oklahoma City Metro Literacy Coalition has a GED exam fee fund. Money well spent! Over the last few years, your donations have helped many people like Chantel.

John, a youth minister from a local church, called in search of literacy materials for members of his congregation. John has tutored several members and as a result has helped improve the skills needed to pass the GED exam.
Margaret, a retired military veteran needed help to improve her reading to a level that would enable her to pass a physical therapy certification exam. Margaret is now attending literacy classes and is getting the help she needs to be self-sufficient and successful in a new career.

We have received more than 100 calls between January and July 2015.

Get Help! E-mail us or call (405) 830-2790